Summer Jam Ticket 1973

Summer Jam- July 28, 1973!
47 years ago, Jack Brubaker was serving drinks for travellers and rock revelers, as they left the largest gathering of people for a concert in world history. An estimated 600,000 attended the 1-day concert! Summer Jam outdrew Woodstock, featuring the Grateful Dead, The Allman Brothers, and The Band. Crowds were treated to a soundcheck on July 27, the day before the festival, as they arrived. This soundcheck has been speculated as being the greatest show by the Grateful Dead in their long-running tenure of live shows! This artifact hangs proudly on our wall, a worker pass from that historic weekend....

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Ted Nugent at the Lodge

Seneca Lodge History 🏹
The date was July of 1999. Ted Nugent, an American singer-songwriter, guitarist, and outdoorsman stopped by the Seneca Lodge during the 99' Sugar Hill NFAA Archery Championship that year, as he was their celebrity guest speaker.
Ted initially gained fame as the lead guitarist of The Amboy Dukes, a band formed in 1963 that played psychedelic rock and hard rock. After dissolving the Amboy Dukes, he embarked on a solo career.

Photographed here (LtoR) Brett Brubaker, Jack Brubaker, Ted Nugent, Jim Brubaker, Sam Brubaker, Neal and Nick.

Boris Said at the Lodge

Seneca Lodge History 🏁 Racing

Boris Said III ~ American professional race car driver and a great friend to the Seneca Lodge.
Did you know his father, Bob Said, was a Formula 1 race driver and US Olympic bobsled driver in 1968 and 1972. Boris' NASCAR career began in 1995 (Truck Series) as a "road course ringer" primarily due to his extensive road-racing experience.
His Nascar Cup Series Career consisted of 54 races over 18 years. First race - 1999 Frontier at WGI. Last Race - 2017 I Love NY 355 at WGI.

📷 Brett Brubaker, Boris Said and Sam Brubaker (2015)


JEFF Gordon at the LODGE!

June 24th, 1992, a young man walked into the Seneca Lodge looking for a room. At only the age of 20, he was about to race in the Busch Grand National Series at WGI. This man's name was Jeff Gordon. Racing that year along side Crew Chief Ray Evernham in his 1992 Ford Thunderbird- Baby Ruth car. He finished 19th.
Year's later becoming one of Nascars all time top drivers.
Wow! 🏁
Room M35 still has the nickname "The Jeff Gordon Room".
The Lodge holds years of racing history.
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Beer History at the Lodge

Seneca Lodge History ( Beer History )
Celebrating 51 years having The Genesee Brewery on tap at Seneca Lodge. The Genesee Brewing Company, based in Rochester, New York, is one of the largest and oldest continually operating breweries in the United States. The Brewery makes the Genesee line of beers, including the iconic Genesee, the refreshing Genny Light, and The Original Cream Ale. Genesee born 1878.

"Cheers to Dean Jones for continuing the Genesee Brewery legacy"..... from your friends at Seneca Lodge.

Genesee Beer + Seneca Lodge = 51 years and counting